Vintage Mining Lantern and Battery Restoration
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I restored this vintage mining lantern from East Germany, DDR. It's very rusty and the battery is completely dead. I bought this awesome looking lantern couple months ago from a flea market.

I started with disassembly. Interestingly the battery had leaked inside of the lantern but none of the liquid seemed to come out which was an excellent sign. all the seals were in good condition despite of the rust on the body.

I used laser cleaning device from W2M laser. They lend me one of their devices whenever I need one. You can find more info about them from here: The laser will burn old paint and rust and leave clean surface to be painted or welded etc.

I fixed most of the dents and filled pitting from rust with filler. Then I applied base coat, and either red or black paint and finished with automotive 2K clear coat. 2K clear coat will ensure the paint will last a lifetime. A lot of times 1K paint of clear coat will not last in use or if you spill oil or gasoline on it
All the small bits were blacked with gun blue and oiled to make sure they won't rust immediately. I re-used the old wires. they were on decent condition and most importantly they were made to fit and seal the battery compartment so the liquid won't leak to the top part of the lantern when it's turned upside down.

I hope you enjoy the video as much as I enjoyed making it. Thanks for watching!

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Laser cleaner:

Some of my tools:
Multi-purpose Lubricant:
Black gloves:
Gun Blue:

My main camera:
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