Restoring a pair of Junk DualShock 2 Controllers for my Playstation 2 - Retro Console Restoration
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After restoring a white Playstation 2 I thought I need a pair of white controller to go along with so why not restore myself a pair. I found a pair as part of a junk lot.

I've restored few other models of the DualShock controllers. This one looks quite similar on the ouside but the inside is all new although it has very similar structure.

Immediately I noticed one of the controllers was only had a broken thumb stick and the other would power on ( the light turns on) but none of the buttons worked. After opening the second controller I could see it was assembled wrong. The plastic sheet that contains the circuits for the buttons was not in it's place but it was under the main board so they circuits did not connect. I did not find out why the controller was originally opened. Also one of the wires to the vibration motor needed to be re-soldered, maybe the previous owner tried to fix that and though they had broken the controller...

As usual I washed the parts with Mr. Ducktor and since the plastic was yellowed, I put it in the retrobrighting bath. Tutorial for the process can be found here:

After de-yellowing, I tested the cables for both controllers. It can be done easily by checking that each pin in the controllers plug connects to one of the wires at the other end. Everything seemed to be working and I was not able to find any major damage. So there was not much necessary need for further repairs. However the joysticks for the controllers get loose over time and the second controller felt like it was already quite loose so I decided to replace the joysticks while I had the controller open. Usually the left joystick is the one that need replacing because it's used more often used. For the first controller I put in a fresh pair of thumb sticks.

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Replacement analog stick (electrical part):
Replacement thumb stick:
Screw driver set:
Soldering iron
Hydrogen peroxide:
UV LED strip:
99.9% isopropyl alcohol (IPA):
Power source (for leds):
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