Restoration of Trashed Batmobile from Batman (1989)
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I received this Batmobile from based on the Tim Burton's Batman movie. It was basically trash, nothing worked and there was a lot of corrosion and other damage. Many parts were broken and the car wasn't even connected to the (previously) wired controller anymore. Mary of the screws were damaged or missing which could mean somebody tried to fix it but gave up.

I disassembled everything to assess the damage first. Nothing was working. I started by testing the motor. With multimeter I figured out the coil inside the motor is intact and noticed the axle doesn't spin freely like it should, so I used a special lubrication meant for electronics which got the axle loose and the motor started working again.

For the controller I needed to remake some of the contacts and re-plate the rest of them. I used a tool which I designed for the purpose to create that dimple which you usually see at the in negative battery terminal for AA or AAA type batteries. I used 0.2 mm thick brass plate for the job. I used tape to trace the correct shape for each part and then just left some extra brass in the damaged areas. These parts were cut out from brass with scissors because the plate is so soft and thin. Then the parts were plated using electroplating method explained here:

The missing wire was made from old earphones because it just happened to be perfect for the job. everything was soldered back together and assembled. Now the batmobile works perfectly.

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