Junk PSP Restoration - Sony Playstation Portable 1000
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Sony (PSP) Playstation Portable 1000 Restoration. In this video I will restore and repair the first version of Sony PSP. The console came to me as part of lot of old consoles. It's dirty, the buttons are yellowed, it makes a horrible noise when I try to play a game and the circle button need to be pressed really hard.

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To remove the yellowing I use a technique called retrobrighting. It uses UV-lights and Hydrogen peroxide to remove yellowing from plastic.
Here is my video about the retrobrighting: itmores.info/player/video/y5WNs6ucpbt5aNY
Here is a video to how to build the box: itmores.info/player/video/q4ljs4J_b7KPpbg

To fix the noise I used oil to lubricate the gear that was making the noise. Oil is safe for electronics. However because the laser lens is near the gear you need to be careful because oil on the lens will probably cause it not to red the UMD properly

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