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I will restore this this Nintendo GameCube Console which won't work and is dirty and yellowed to brand new condition. Nintendo released GameCube released nearly 20 years ago to compete with Playstation 2 and Xbox. My new Retrobrighting box video for removing yellowing: itmores.info/player/video/q4ljs4J_b7KPpbg

The GameCube starts but the disc won't spin, it's usually not an issue with the motor itself but the laser just doesn't recognize the disc. This can usually be fixed by adjusting the laser as I do in the video, or by replacing the laser if adjusting won't help. The laser gets old and over time it will go bad like this. Adjusting the laser will give it more using time but after adjusting it couple of times it will need to be replaced. When replacing the laser it make sure to turn the screw back to around 500 ohms so it will last longer.

After I had fixed the disc reading issue. I continued with the disassembly. The GameCube has way too many screws holding everything in place as you can see.but overall it's very easy to disassemble.

I cleaned the parts with soapy water and then used my new retrobrighting box to remove yellowing from the front plate.

Also the acrylic circle on top of the console was badly scratched. I used polishing compound to rub it for several minutes and it turn out looking brand new.

I also decided to replace the battery which will keep the time and date. You can buy CR 2032 batteries which have those legs but would have had to order it so I decided to show you how to do it without those or a spot welding machine. You can just rip off the legs from the old battery and solder them on the regular battery. You might want to scratch the surface of the battery so the solder will have something to grip on to.

Thank you for watching my video!

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