I Restored Yellowed Nintendo 64 Controller with Broken Joystick - Console Restoration
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In this video I will restore this Nintendo 64 controller for my restored N64. The controller is badly yellowed and very dirty from years of use. The joystick is badly damaged which makes it impossible to play with it.

Unlike the console itself, the controller is very easy to open and it can be done with regular screw driver. However I find it one of the most annoying ones to put back together. The 2 screws inside the connection port under the console can sometimes be hard to put back in. To open the joystick assembly you need to open the screw and press the case back closed like there was still a screw and the you pry open the two plastic clip holding it together. NOTE: I recommend buying this or similar product to replace the whole assembly: amzn.to/34zII5a However, I decided to try to repair the loose stick. I figured out what was worn down and added some epoxy putty and sanded everything down as many times as needed to make it fit. Most likely it's not going to be ready after applying the epoxy once but you might need several tries. On the positive side, if you like this type of hobby it's going to be much cheaper to try to fix it with putty before deciding to replace the whole joystick. Before applying the putty you need to clean the surfaces and you might also want to scratch them up with sand paper to get better grip for the epoxy.

The shell was first washed with soapy water and used hydrogen peroxide and UV-light like in this tutorial www.youtube.com/watch?v=jdWRs... Finally I used isopropyl alcohol to clean the board and electronics and put everything back together.

Thanks for watching my video!

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