I Restored The Yellowest Sega Saturn Controller
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In this episode I will restore the yellowed Sega Saturn controller which was seen in the last episode. The controller was even more yellow than the console. It's actually one of the most yellowed items I've restored. I think the previous DMG Gameboy was quite close and The Sega Saturn was probably the most yellowed item I've ever seen.

I feel controller is very simple compared to the Playstation controller, even though the original controller is not quite as advanced as the DualShocks I've restored on this channel. Just a few screws holding the case closed.

On the inside eveerything seems fine, although there is a little corrosion. Old tech can handle much more corrosion but I still wanted to clean that away with isoropyl alcohol.

To remove the yellowing I used hydrogen peroxide and UV lights. I 've made a video explaining it better. Link to it here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=jdWRs...
In addition to the hydrogen peroxide method, I used just UV light on the plug because I cant submerge it. but that took a lot longer. Why didn't I use same method for everything? Because the plug wasn't quite as yellow and it still took over a week and because it is much smaller so I can concentrate more UV light to the same surface area and I can place the lights closer. Lets say the shell has 10 times larger surface area. I'd need at least 10 times more UV-lights to do it even at that pace. And I used almost the same ammount of lights that I use in the hydrogen peroxide process.

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